Moving Forward

Well, friends, this is it. I’m officially permanently moving from this WordPress hosted blog to a new, self-hosted blog, which means this one will no longer be updated, edited, or touched. I’ll be turning all the older posts private, except for this moving notice for a couple of weeks, before probably disabling the whole blog […]

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New Year Update

Yeah, I meant Chinese New Year haha. Well hello there blogosphere! I am alive, barely, stuck in the clutches of boring real world stuff (work). I have a new travel blog in the works, which I’ll be transferring to soon, but, as any technophobe can attest, I’ve hit a few roadblocks which are just beyond […]

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Movin’ and Shakin’

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this WordPress migration thing is not as easy as it looks! (Maybe it’s just me cos code to me looks like alien language) In the past week, you guys actually moved twice. Yes, twice! Bet you didn’t even know it huh? I really hope you didn’t though […]

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The Big Move

Hello my lovelies, I’d just like to announce that I will soon be moving my blog to a self-hosted site with Since I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, this blog may experience a few bugs once in a while and may not be as seamless… or not. I really have no […]

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The Sun Sets on a Journey

4am. The world was sound asleep. It was pitch black beyond the lone bulb on my room’s terrace. I sat beneath the light, my bags packed, waiting for the driver to take me back to the Bali International Airport, about two hours away. The epic journey, Indochina 2014, was about to end. The silence around […]

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Magic in Bali

In keeping with our trip’s theme of painful country transfers, our way from Myanmar to Indonesia was a long and dragging affair. It wasn’t without its highlights though. It started with the best bus ride of my life. The bus gods made up for all the bus nightmares by giving us a bus with reclining […]

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Parallel Planets

Let me take a commercial break from my travel posts for a little promotion. Parallel Planets is a web-zine run by young creatives who have very distinct visions and very unique interpretations of reality. It’s an arts and literature hub of sorts and a repository for alternative, edgy, and fresh events in pop culture. Naturally, […]

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Postcards From Bagan

There was something cinematic about the clunking of hooves against pavement as the horse drew our cart across Old Bagan. Dawn was coming, and across the indigo sky the sun slowly stretched its rays in streaks of pink and orange. We were still laughing hysterically at the turn of events right after we got off […]

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Yangon Imagery

Fantastical and exotic images filled my mind as our plane descended onto the runway at Yangon International Airport. Myanmar was my most anticipated destination in our trip because it seemed so far removed and untouched. Having just “reopened” to the rest of the world several years back, it has yet to be eaten up by […]

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